Honda North America, Inc.

Honda North America, Inc. was first established in 1984 and reorganized in April of 2013 to support Honda’s operations in the North American region. Locations of major operations include Marysville, Ohio, Torrance, Calif., Washington, D.C., Detroit, Mich., and New York, N.Y. Honda operates 15 major manufacturing facilities in North America, R&D operations and sales of power sports, power equipment and automobiles.


American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the North American headquarters for sales, marketing, service and distribution operations in addition to our finance-related products and services.


American Honda Finance Corporation

American Honda Finance Corporation (dba Honda Financial Services and Acura Financial Services), a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., helps to satisfy the financing needs of consumers of Honda and Acura vehicles, Honda and Acura accessories, as well as Honda motorcycles, power equipment, and marine products. AHFC offers financing in the form of both retail installment sales contracts and leases, depending on the product and the needs of the particular customer.


Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. — Ohio

Honda of America Manufacturing turns cutting-edge technology into world-class vehicles at three Ohio manufacturing facilities. In Ohio, Honda manufactures many of the most popular, highest-quality vehicles sold in the United States.

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Honda Engineering North America, Inc.— Ohio

Honda Engineering is responsible for the development of manufacturing processes, systems and equipment used to build Honda products. It is a major supplier of all types of manufacturing equipment and tools including machining, casting, forging, stamping, painting, welding and assembly.

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Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana is Honda's newest North American auto plant producing the Civic Sedan -- the car that helped establish Honda's reputation for quality and efficiency. Our proud Hoosiers also produce the Civic Natural Gas, underscoring HMIN's role in Honda's future.

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Honda Performance Development, Inc.

Honda Performance Development, Inc. (HPD) is Honda's racing company within North America and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Founded in 1993, HPD is the technical operations center for Honda's high-performance racing programs. HPD specializes in the design and development of race engines, chassis and performance parts and technical/race support. We are proud to also offer parts to Honda and Acura grassroots motorsports racers, and look forward to expanding our products and services in the near future.

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Honda Trading America Corp.

Honda Trading America (HTA) is the largest subsidiary of Honda Trading Corporation, the exclusive global trading arm of Honda. HTA is a multi-billion - dollar international supply chain management organization responsible for sourcing and procurement of raw materials, parts, equipment, process/supply raw materials, and manufactured castings, dies, etc. for Honda production.


Honda R&D Americas, Inc. — California

The Los Angeles Center has the challenging and exciting responsibility of envisioning the products customers will want tomorrow—and beyond.

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Honda R&D Americas, Inc. — Ohio

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. conducts research and development for automobiles, powersports and power equipment products.

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Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. — North Carolina

Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., established in August 2006 to oversee certification, production, sales and service of HondaJet, an advanced light jet.

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Honda Aero, Inc. — North Carolina

Honda Aero, Inc. will establish its corporate headquarters and jet engine manufacturing operations with the construction of an all-new facility in Burlington, North Carolina, adjacent to Burlington-Alamance County Regional Airport.

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Honda of South Carolina Manufacturing, Inc.

Honda of South Carolina manufactures all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).


Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is Honda's largest light-truck production source—with an annual capacity of more than 300,000 vehicles and V-6 engines.

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Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing, Inc.

Honda Power Equipment builds small general-purpose engines, from 5.5 to 11 horsepower, along with lawnmowers, snow throwers, mini-tillers, string trimmers and water pumps.


Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC.

Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC., located in Tallapoosa, Ga., started production May 2006. The company produces V-6 automatic transmissions. Operations include high-pressure die casting, aluminum machining, transmission assembly, transmission quality assurance, product engineering and development, market quality and logistics. All transmissions produced here travel 56 miles to Honda Manufacturing of Alabama and are installed into Honda and Acura light truck vehicles.


Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Inc. - Ohio

Honda Transmission Mfg. of America is the leading manufacturer of high-quality automatic transmissions for Honda and Acura.

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Honda Accessory America, LLC

Honda Accessory America designs and develops genuine accessories for Honda and Acura automobiles in accordance with Honda's engineering and quality standards.


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