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The Honda MCHP illustrates Honda’s commitment to both environmentally friendly technologies and using innovative thinking to help people get things done.
Introduced in Japan in 2003 and in the US in 2007, the Honda MCHP is a heat transfer and power generation device. The MCHP provides home heating or water heating as well as electrical power for a variety of home applications.
Basic operation is based on early large, expensive Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology systems designed for commercial and industrial applications. Honda has scaled down the original footprint and refined the technology for smaller applications such as single-family residences.
This system uses a process called cogeneration to produce both heat and power from the same fuel. It's a far more efficient use of energy and resources than conventional heating systems.
When combined with a heating system, like the freewatt by ECR, the Honda MCHP offers several benefits, including:
  • 30% reduction of greenhouse gases
  • 30% savings on your electrical bill, on average
  • More uniform, comfortable, and quiet home heat
  • Back-up power (MCHP Deluxe model only)
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