Honda Hybridization - In the research and development of alternative fuels and more efficient engines, Honda's strategy is to achieve the reliability, safety, performance and versatility people expect from Honda in our alternative fuel vehicles. After all, if the types of vehicles using alternative fuel engines aren't appealing, they really aren't an alternative
Taking it a step further. Honda has made vast improvements in the efficiency and cleanliness of the internal combustion engine and in the quest for viable alternative fuels. But at Honda, we are never satisfied with the best we can do. So we have focused on perfecting hybrid technology and bringing it to the mainstream.
Gasoline performs well and is convenient, with a place to "fill it up" on nearly every corner. Electricity is clean and efficient. Hybrid technology makes the two power sources work in concert, the strength of each more than compensating for the inherent challenges of the other.

Honda was the first automaker to introduce gas-electric hybrid technology to American consumers when it launched the Honda Insight in December 1999, followed by the Civic Hybrid—the first truly mainstream hybrid vehicle—in March 2002.
Tax Benefit
As if improved performance and a healthier environment weren't reason enough to join the hybrid revolution, several one-time clean-fuel vehicle federal tax deductions are now being offered. Get more information on the added savings and find out how to begin a claim here.

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