A Dream Fulfilled... HondaJet® Takes Flight
HondaJet is an advanced light business jet that breaks new ground by offering a larger cabin and luggage space, far better fuel efficiency, and higher cruise speed compared to conventional aircraft in its class.

Developed near the birthplace of aviation in North Carolina, HondaJet fulfills one of Honda's longstanding dreams to advance mobility through personal aviation. Designed as an all-new aircraft, HondaJet is the next step in Honda's legendary commitment to advanced technology.
HondaJet is transcending the standards in light jet travel. Rethinking technology to maximize performance, comfort and quality. Redefining convention to enhance human mobility. HondaJet introduces several key innovations that revolutionize aviation performance:
  • A patented over-the-wing engine mount design reduces drag at high speed to improve cruise efficiency.
  • An advanced all-composite fuselage structure lowers weight and manufacturing costs.
  • A compact, high-powered HF120 turbofan engine provides maximum performance with high fuel efficiency.
  • A natural-laminar flow (NLF) wing and NLF fuselage nose help achieve reduced drag

Visit the official HondaJet Web site.

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HondaJet in the sky

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