Environment R&D
When we say that Honda takes a "blue sky" approach to research and development, it means more than just dreaming of futuristic concepts. Some of our most important R&D efforts are made to ensure bluer skies, cleaner air and clearer water for generations to come.
Starting with our products, we are constantly testing ways both to better current technologies by improving fuel efficiency, and by pushing emerging technologies such as hybridization and alternative fuels as far as the limits of our imagination and beyond.
Honda is not just in the business of building better products, we're also in the business of building a better environment. That's why our U.S. auto plants have cut emissions by more than 65 percent in just five years.
Through our Green Factory program, every Honda facility is working to REDUCE emissions and energy use, REUSE more raw materials and RECYCLE manufacturing materials, paper and plastic. All major Honda plants worldwide already meet the toughest international environmental management standards (ISO 14001), covering a host of environmental areas such as waste disposal, water treatment and energy use.
And yet, Honda is going even further. As part of our Green Factory program, teams of Honda associates are setting energy-reduction targets for every area of our operations. Honda's Green Factory Initiatives have established our manufacturing operations as industry leaders in the efficient use of natural resources with minimal environmental impact.

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