Racing is what first announced Honda on the global scene.  But victories and technological advances, though important to us, are not the most substantial benefits we get from racing.  Racing is vital to us because it inspires growth in our people.
A Lifetime of Racing
For almost 50 years, Honda has turned to racing as the perfect training ground for both engineers and designers. According to Soichiro Honda, the pressures of racing challenges people, forces them to find innovative solutions and demands quick, accurate responses to new problems they've never faced before.

Racing is ingrained in the corporate culture of Honda. Mr. Honda always stressed that racing teaches teamwork. No single individual can bring success; racing is a group effort.
Throughout its existence, on both two wheels and four, Honda has raced—and won—at the highest levels. From the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race to the Indy 500, Honda can be found in victory lanes around the world.

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50 Years of World Championship Racing
Honda celebrates 50 years of World Championship Racing since founder Soichiro Honda first set his sights on the challenging Isle of Man TT race in 1959. Today, Honda is still an active participant in Moto GP and draws upon its proud racing heritage in every aspect of business.
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