Innovation through Strategic Partnership
It starts out as an idea on a napkin, a daydream on the way to work, or a wish as you're working. You have an innovative idea that could change the world. Honda would like to hear your idea and work with you to make your dreams reality, Honda R&D works with global innovators through a variety of collaborative research and development programs.
Technology Interests
Honda is seeking game-changing innovations in the following categories.
Mobile IT: Smart phones are rapidly changing our information life style. We are interested in apps, web technologies/services and communication technologies for future connected vehicles.
HMI (Human Machine Interface)/Robotics: We are interested in advanced HMI and robotics that serve to further our products' intelligence such as displays, sensors, actuators and speech/image processing technologies.
Clean Energy: We are seeking novel technology that would improve energy ecosystems from energy generation to consumption such as advanced energy storage, novel power plants and fuel cells.
Advanced Materials: Great technology breakthroughs often come from material innovation. We are looking for advanced material technologies such as nano-material, functional material and structural material.
Besides these technology areas, we are always open to any new ideas to address the evolving future market needs and improve our product performance.
Selection Criteria
We are interested in the proposal that meets the following criteria:
  • Technology Uniqueness:
    We are looking for unique and innovative approaches to solve big problems.
  • Proven Principle:
    We prefer to see a working demo/prototype that shows your idea works.
  • Protected Intellectual Properties:
    The foundation of your idea should have proper protection prior to your submission to us.
Please send us a non-confidential summary of your technology covering the above criteria as well as your proposal for Honda. Depending on the category of your technology, we have two offices that you can approach as shown below. We usually respond within 2-4 weeks, however, delays are possible, especially around the holiday season.
Mobile IT and HMI/Robotics
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
Honda Silicon Valley Lab
Attention: Technology Proposal
425 National Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Clean Energy and Advanced Materials
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
Detroit Office
Attention: Technology Proposal
1000 Town Center, Suite 2400, Southfield, MI 48075, USA

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